Senior Client Service Associate, RJFS

Penney is dedicated to helping us provide an exceptional client experience. She is committed to helping educate and inform our clients throughout their financial journey, all while working to make their lives easier.

She assists clients with check, wire and money movement requests, address changes, and all things related to their accounts, including answering questions and processing account updates. Penney also greatly assists our team with many essential administrative duties.

Before joining our team in August 2020, Penney was a senior branch office administrator at Edward Jones for the past five years. Prior to Edward Jones, she had 25 years of experience in the banking industry, holding various positions throughout her banking career.

Penney has resided in the Owensboro community her entire life. She is engaged to Jamie DeWitt and has two sons, Blake and Hugh. Blake is married to Camille and together they have three children, Leon, Imogene and Anthony. Hugh is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and currently in the insurance business. When not in the office, Penney enjoys spoiling her grandchildren and spending time with family and friends.