Systematic and purposeful

Traditional recruiting processes have failed to keep pace with the rapid evolution of our business. With new entrants to the marketplace every day, each filling a specific set of needs across the advisor affiliation spectrum, having a disciplined process for evaluating these opportunities will ensure you find the right home for your team and more importantly, your clients.

Our process takes you through a three-step progression:

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Introspectively evaluating the push factors that have caused you to consider a move provides a lens through which to view future opportunities. By beginning with the end in mind and having clarity in your vision, you will be better equipped to rule out solutions not aligned with your core values.

Understanding the varying degrees of independence and control available to you is an important part of assessing which business model is best suited for your practice. By prioritizing the support and resources you will need to be successful and weighing the economic differences across varying options, you will be better equipped to narrow the field of potential options – W-2 vs. 1099, equity grant or buy-in opportunities, FINRA vs. SEC, transition assistance. While not comprehensive, these are all choices that need to be viewed within the context of your business.

Once you’ve worked through your vision and have determined which model is best suited for your business, determining which platform is best equipped to support you becomes the priority. Do you need a full-service broker/dealer platform or simply a custodian through which to conduct business? Do you need back office support and resources or do you have an operations team in place to handle these day-to-day responsibilities? Which features and benefits align with your vision and at what cost?

Our due diligence process is mutual, and we believe that there must be a great fit on both sides in order to move forward. We also practice a “no jerks” policy in onboarding new teams, and all of our prospects must speak with at least two of our partners as they evaluate our offering. It is through this process that we ensure that our collaborative culture is preserved and celebrated.