Transitions Consultant, Concurrent Advisors Branch Professional, RJFS

His ability to organize and set priorities while keeping an eye on the details makes Lyonel a key facilitator of the growth of Concurrent Advisors. As a transitions consultant, Lyonel is responsible for helping advisors transfer their practices to Concurrent Advisors, aligning the tools, expertise and resources necessary to support their business.

Lyonel is able to assist advisors in every aspect of their business during the transitional phase. During that time, he remains an enthusiastic and approachable organizer, question-answerer and guide, as well as helping with client account transfer, regulatory concerns and staff education.

Prior to joining the Concurrent Advisors team in 2022, Lyonel was with Advisor Group in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he worked with advisors as an investment advisory specialist, and earlier as an advisor support specialist. Before that, he worked in the Account Transfers department at the Raymond James home office.

He holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of South Florida, in finance and management. Outside the office, Lyonel volunteers his time to important organizations. He has been a mentor and volunteer with Collegiate 100, a mentorship program with affiliates throughout U.S. campuses, at the University of South Florida. He is also a volunteer and has planned events for the National Foundation for Transplant, focusing on kidney donations.

In his free time, Lyonel is an avid sportsman – particularly football, basketball, soccer and swimming – and enjoys travel, cooking, flying and spending time with his friends and family. He is originally from Stamford, Connecticut, and grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. He currently lives across the bay in Tampa.

Investing involves risk, and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.