Concurrent Advisors Client Service Associate

For Lillian, ensuring that clients feel heard and taken care of is just as important as her administrative duties. “I know this is a fast-paced industry,” she says. “But I take the time to listen to clients – especially retirees, who often have more time to chat – and thoughtfully address any questions or concerns they may have. To me, leaving a positive, lasting impression on clients is more important than simply completing a transaction.”

Known for her positive and respectful attitude, Lillian approaches all she does with a discerning attention to detail, from opening new client accounts to overseeing money movement requests for her advisor team. That’s one of the many reasons clients trust her. “I think it’s important to trust the people who help manage your hard-earned wealth,” she adds.

With nearly 30 years of professional experience, Lillian was first drawn to the financial services industry when she was in high school. “My high school government teacher, Mrs. Hawkins, would require our class to read the newspaper from front to back,” Lillian says. “And to help us decipher the business and financial section, she taught us how to read stock quotes, follow and chart companies, and prepare and read financial reports. That was fascinating to me. So when I went out into the ‘real world’ searching for my first job, I knew it had to be at an investment firm.”

Before joining Raymond James in December 2019, Lillian held a variety of roles within financial services, including as a senior office manager and accounts supervisor, a payoff specialist, and an international senior client service associate.

Outside of work, Lillian enjoys vintage shopping, looking for beauty in things that others may not and breathing life into discarded items by finding creative ways to repurpose them. She was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and raised in Puerto Rico until age 11. After a stint in Portsmouth, Virginia, she moved to San Diego, California, where she resides with her husband, Marco, and daughter, Isabella.