Transitions Consultant, Concurrent Advisors Client Associate, RJFS

Javi helps ensure advisors and their teams enjoy a smooth transition to Concurrent Advisors. This includes overseeing the registration process and account transfers as well as addressing any and all operational needs. Driven and flexible, Javi continuously seeks new ways to enhance the transition experience of advisors and their supporting staff. He understands the hard work and deliberation that goes into changing firms, and he wants advisors to know they can count on him each step of the way.

Javi joined Raymond James in 2018 as a trading support associate. He served as a traveling transitions consultant before accepting his current role as transitions consultant with Concurrent Advisors in 2021. In addition to his hands-on industry experience, Javi holds a bachelor's degree in public administration with a minor in economics from Florida State University.

Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Javi makes his home in Largo, Florida. His favorite pastimes include going to Tampa Bay Rays games, being outdoors and cycling.