Vice President; WPWG Financial Advisor; RJFS

Brenda D’Arville joined Raymond James in 2011 after spending 14 years as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Earlier in her career, she served her community for over 20 years as a tax accountant and an accredited tax advisor.

Brenda earned an undergraduate degree in accounting and business administration from the University of Florida, where she also earned a Master of Accounting degree in taxation.

Her extensive work with attorneys focused on estate and trust services as well as financial planning. Also, her continuous work with small business corporations gave her a different perspective when servicing professional needs. She spent many hours directing the structure of retirement plans, corporate acquisitions, and corporate liquidation plans.

Brenda also worked closely with not-for-profit charitable organizations and is familiar with their unique compliance requirements. She has served as director for several local not-for-profit organizations and also served as a director for the Dunnellon Chamber of Commerce. Presently, she is serving as Chair for the City of Dunnellon Planning Commission.

A large part of her former tax practice included retired clientele with complex investment portfolios. Many of the clients’ portfolios were not properly structured with respect to asset allocation, diversification, and risk reduction. Brenda felt that she could be more effective in guiding portfolio management as a financial advisor than working as a tax accountant.

She employs a conservative, long-term investment philosophy and feels that her qualifications promote a true understanding for servicing the financial needs and concerns of investors.